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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Transitions by Soulplay

Spiraling Space and Cosmic Energy by Carolyn Gibbs

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the vernissage (opening) of the latest show, Transitions, by Soulplay, a group of five fibre artists from Eastern Ontario.  Left to right, below, they are: Carolyn Gibbs, Barbara Carroll, Sharon Collins, Jo-ann Zorzi and Ann Dunlap.

I will tell you that my photographs could be a lot better! Quite ironic since I took a photography class only the day before attending this vernissage.  But obviously I wasn't on the right settings, and I often have this problem when shooting photos at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.  I think it has something to do with the mixed lighting situations (large windows that allow outdoor light, but equally competing indoor lighting) and my inexperience in these types of settings.  

I did capture a few good photos, and more can be seen on the Soulplay, website and the websites of the artists.  Links in the first paragraph of this post.  

My friend Sharon Collins is our local SAQA Rep., and also a member of my little goal-setting group. Her work is very much inspired by nature.  You can see her two stunning series here of the Four Seasons.

Sharon is also now working on a new Trance Series series inspired by hypnosis. Although many of the designs are abstract, I find this one almost has a landscape feel to it, or at least I see that because I see nature in things, and view the black designs at top almost like foliage.  I love the trip around the colourwheel too.

Jo-Ann Zorsi works with silk paper, and her new series on bridges is quite interesting.  Although the colour is a bit off in my photo, I liked how well the silver frame also enhanced this piece.

Nocturnal Voyage by Jo-Ann Zorsi

More nature-inspired pieces here:

Breaking Free by Barbara Carroll on left and Ocean by Carolyn Gibbs on right.

Barbara Carroll's work is more spiritual, depicting human emotions, both joy and sorrow.  I can see a little bit of Antelope Canyon in the background of this one.  In her last show she had a wonderful piece inspired by Antelope Canyon that really caught my eye.

A Glimmer of Hope by Barbara Carroll

New Growth by Barbara Carroll

I have a love of colourful Adirondack chairs, so Ann Dunlaps piece caught my eye.  The landscape part is masterfully done too.
Anglin Lake by Ann Dunlap

I understand Ann pulled off this major series of five panels just before the hanging of the show.  It really commands attention at the Museum.

The Peaceful Valley by Ann Dunlap

The show runs until February 23, 2013 at the  Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario.  Definitely worth a drive to Almonte.


  1. Beautiful works; thanks for sharing them. I particularly like the Four Seasons pieces and the chairs on the dock.

  2. Thanks for sharing these, Elaine. I now must take some time to visit the individual artist's sites. Those landscapes are all wonderful.


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