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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Sights, Part 2

There were a few glorious weekends throughout the month of August. A walk in Mer Bleu bog (about 15 minutes from my home) on a gorgeous day offered these sights.

Beautiful reflections!

A visit to Orleans Fruit Farm, also close to my home:

A Sunday road trip to Prince Edward County, about three hours south-west of Ottawa, on Lake Ontario included a sunflower field.

Driving country roads, we happened upon a beautiful old graveyard with this lovely gate

and a beautiful place to sit.

A quiet final resting place.

Hollyhocks were blooming along country roads.

We paid a visit to the Waupoos Winery,

and enjoyed viewing boats on Lake Ontario in the village of Waupoos.

You can see the site of the old Waupoos Cannery. At one time fruits and vegetables canned in this part of Ontario were shipped all over the world.

There is a wall dedicated to farm and factory workers who worked in often (what we would consider) uncivilized conditions!

If you click on this photo, you should be able to read the British/Canadian factory laws in place at the time that the factory ran.

On our way to dinner in Bloomfield, I found this husky dog who had fallen asleep with his head dangling out of the car window, waiting for his human companions to return.

A week or so later we enjoyed an afternoon walk in Ottawa's Arboretum.

It included a visit to my favorite tree in Ottawa, a more-than-100-year-old Bebbs Oak. The branches stretch so wide now that a post holds them up on one side. Yes, this is the tree that inspired my quilt called "Invitation".

I hope you found these photos inspiring! It is September now and time to get to work! 

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  1. You take such great photos! I spent a few days in Prince Edward county in August at some of the same places - Waapoos winery, canning factory,etc and now I'm off to Cape Breton to hike(loved the photos in your last post), staying not far from Dingwall. We seem to be taking the same paths this summer.


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