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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Colour from Andalucia, Spain

Even more than the photos of white-washed villages, I think these colourful shots of pottery warm me even more. These first two photos were taken at a street market in Andalucia, but colourful and locally-made pottery was available everywhere. Yes, I brought a little home.

Colourful pots decorating homes were also a common site, with blue or turquoise being an especially popular colour.

I'm thinking of enlarging this photo and having it framed to hang in my kitchen.


  1. The colours are just beautiful, Elaine. Just what we need during these cold, cold winter days. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more photos of your travels.

    1. Yes it has been quite the winter Judy. We are luckier than most here, but having another dump of snow today :-(
      Stay warm ... it will be a while longer till Spring!


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