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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dye Happy, Part 2

Friday I taught Session 2 of Dye Happy at Wabi Sabi.  Great to see some of the results from the first class.

Judy has already sewn some of her hand-dyed fabrics into a bag!

Mary's 9 step value gradation of purple.

Bev's bright colourwheel and parfait fabrics on left. Molly's two-colour run on the right.

Molly's very exciting parfait-dyed fabrics.

Ruth's entire collection of hand-dyes from my classes.

Valerie's very rich series.

Neera's wonderful results on a variety of silks.

We have a proper dye studio with a sink and washing machine and a few stainless steel tables!

Bev measuring out her two colour run.

Everyone tried dyeing a few folded fabrics. Photos of results to come as soon as I get them :-)

Hope you enjoyed the colour!

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  1. Love the colours and textures with LWI. I'm wondering where you purchase your fabric for dyeing, I enjoy dyeing but purchasing the fabric and dyes from the US is really starting to make it difficult.


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