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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Haliburton School of the Arts, Week One

For the sixth (or maybe it is now seventh) summer in a row I am back at the Haliburton School of the Arts. This year I'm teaching two classes. Just to set the mood, I took this photo of boats on a lake. I am in cottage country after all.

Tuesday night we had our weekly instructor/artist reception at Rails End Gallery.

Here I am with "Cavern 2".
Last week each of my students designed their own flower or foliage quilt, based on their own photograph. Every single student had an almost-completed quilt top by the end of the week. Don't they make an awesome statement in this photo?
I'm sharing each individual piece as well. This one is Anne's white waterlily. Obviously I shot this photo at an earlier stage than it was at in the group photo above because I am missing the green lily pad here. Not easy to do a white flower, but she pulled it off.

Bev's crop of a pansy has the look of an abstract landscape.
The centre of Bonnie's clematis is an absolute killer! It's all about the value!

Walk into the cavern that is Connie's iris.
Gail's foliage piece has an intriguing colour combination, aided by some adjustments she made of her photo in Photoshop.
Very dramatic piece by Lois.

Ruthanne's piece has amazing depth.
Sharon did a great job of exaggerating her values beyond what was in her photograph, and pulling in yellows as her lights.
Sue's piece has a wonderfully fresh and modern look with the white background.

Vicki worked on a dramatic hosta composition. It just needs a little background in the upper left and in one area on the left side.
Tashi, the golden retriever, dropped his mom off every morning and picked her up every night. He and his family travelled all the way from Manitoba.

 My teaching week ended with this deer sighting on the narrow gravel road leading to the teacher cabins. Mama deer and her teenager stated to move away when they saw my car approach. I stopped and aimed my camera out of my window. I was still and they were stiller yet.

Look at the ears on the teenager!
Mom. Are those deerfly or ticks on her forehead?
The Haliburton Arts and Crafts Festival began on Friday. This is a fantastic juried arts and crafts show with 125 vendors that is held the last weekend each July. One of my favorite artists is Julia Spittel of Earth Songs Studio. She tempts me with her glass jewellery every summer!

Tomorrow I start my second week of teaching here with The Art Quilt. Stay tuned!


  1. You had a keener pack of students there, Elaine! They did a terrific job.

  2. Thanks Barb. This group blew me away!!

  3. How could I possibly have missed the golden?!! Oh yeah. Because he was behaving himself! I'm not used to that sort of behavior. LOL


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