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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Little Contemplative Photography Back Home in Ottawa

I've been meaning to send this post out for days. Unfortunately, I became distracted by the US election. I've had a hard time concentrating for the last few days. These photos were taken the day after returning from my Contemplative Photography class, while walking the boardwalk at the Mer Bleue Bog, south of Ottawa.

We were fortunate to capture some blue jays feeding, however, they are extremely difficult to capture because they don't stay still for very long.

The colour this fall just keeps on giving! We've been very fortunate to have relatively temperate weather too.

I believe these are larch trees. They are actually a coniferous tree, but they turn a glowing shade or golden yellow in autumn.

Where does the path lead? Cropping away the sky seems to really bring focus to that path.

I really am not sure what this fungus is but it almost looks as though it could be a cute little animal if only it had eyes!

I adore water droplets and have a quilt featuring them percolating in my brain.


  1. Beatifull pictures!! I'm wating to see what is on your mind! I always enjoy with your photos! Dama

    1. Thank you Dama I hope that soon I have a new design to show you.


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