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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Blog Post That Was Forgotten!

I was just about to blog about my trip to Quilt Canada, when I discovered this draft blog post that never got sent before I left! Please indulge me, it is a busy time of year. I returned home on Monday and have six days to prepare for my west coast Canada teaching trip.

I was going to generate excitement for my classes by showing the kits and fabric that were travelling to Quilt Canada for my classes. Here are the poppy and peony kits. Peony was the most popular kit. Could that have anything to do with peonies being in season?

I dyed a number of Textile Temptation packs before I left. Some went to Quilt Canada, but a lot also were shipped to groups in the Vancouver area (Richmond, Langley, Sechelt and Victoria), along with kits and other hand-dyes, for sale at my upcoming lectures and workshops.

Prior to leaving for Quilt Canada, I also got immersed in quilting my new samples for Improv Curves. Both of these works were inspired by a photo I took (which appears below the quilts) at Antelope Canyon in Arizona several years ago. The first was free-motion quilted with all-over texture.

The second was quilted with long flowing lines using a walking foot. Much more minimalist.

My photo of the light shining through the roof of the canyon.

Before I left for Quilt Canada, two of the three robin eggs hatched. The babies grew rapidly, with Mom spending very little time in the nest. Her days were spent gathering food for the young ones. While I was away they all grew up and left the nest. leaving behind one unhatched egg. 

I was inspired by raindrops left on our hosta leaves. I'm just an amateur photographer, playing with my Macro lens here. Hope you enjoy these images.

You may recall this sample I played with a number of months ago, trying to recreate water drops in fabric. I must get back to this one of these days!

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