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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vancouver, Part 2 (Botanicals)

I'm writing from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia tonight. I just finished all my teaching on the west coast and am now catching up on my blog posts. So much to blog about. I'm picking up where I left off, Canada Day weekend in Vancouver. This blog post won't require much text as it shares images of gardens and other beautiful botanical sights I witnessed in Vancouver.

The first group of photos were taken at the University of British Columbia's rose garden. I arrived late day just when the light was magical.

As I was leaving the rose garden, I spotted these back-lit hosta leaves in the shadows.

And it is apparently hosta blossom season here!

Driving back to my hotel I passed this flowering tree. I thought it was a horse chestnut, but I've been corrected and informed that it is actually a catalpa tree. Aren't the white blossoms and green leaves gorgeous against the blueness of the sky?

The line of trees formed a huge canopy above me

The next day I paid a visit to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. I spent the earlier part of the day at the Museum of Anthropology, but that is a subject I'm saving for my next blog post. Once again I arrived during magic hour!

I hope you enjoyed these photos. I'm ferrying back to Vancouver later tomorrow and will be flying home from there Sunday evening. Three weeks passed very quickly because there was always something new around the corner. 4 lectures, 8 days of workshops, four ferry rides, 8 different accommodations, and I am ready to go home.

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