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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Autumn Sights

Last week and this week I've been in Newmarket, Ontario, teaching for the Region of York
Quilters' Guild and the Quilt Store. I am heading home tomorrow and will blog about my teaching adventures in the next few days. Prior to leaving for Newmarket, I started this blog post to share some inspiration. I am also sharing these photos because they were taken with my Samsung phone! Sometimes students tell me that they can't come to my "design your own" classes because they don't have a good phone and they aren't a photographer. I am here to tell you that the cameras on smart phones are getting better and better! More and more I am relying on my smart phone so I don't have to schlepp that heavy DSLR camera around everywhere.

I took these hosta photos outside a bakery a few kilometers from my home. 

Just look at the amazing curl in the drying leaves!!

The top edge of this one is dried and decaying and looks like lace folded over the still-vibrant part of the leaf.

Just before I left for Newmarket, the sumac leaves were flaming red! This is one of my favorite sights in autumn, especially when the leaves are back-lit, as these area. Again, taken with my cell phone camera

Two weeks ago I enjoyed a beautiful autumn day in Gatineau Park. This tree photo seems to express, to me, the joy I felt on being in the woods that day. Is this not a happy looking tree?

During the walk in the woods, I found more curled leaves. I wonder if this look could be recreated in a quilt?

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