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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

So Much to Say After So Long

Greetings dear followers, if there are any still out there. So much has happened. I've officially retired from teaching, but I'm still available for Zoom presentations. The world has changed, and I no longer want to be in planes and automobiles. I also need to take better care of myself.

I meant to get this blog post out before the magazine hit the news stand, but it's out early, so now I'm rushing to make this post. I'm a Cover Girl, only days short of my 62nd birthday! Who'd have thought? Yes, I have an article about my series Conversations Over Coffee in the Autumn 2023 issue of Art Quilting Studio.
I'm on the cover!

The article inside

Here are photos of the entire series. 

I only now realized that Conversations Over Coffee 5 was not included in the article. A shame because it would appeal to cat lovers.

 I still remain unsure about how, or if to, continue this blog. It's clear to me that moving forward I'm walking into (or rather, already have walked into) the role of thyroid activist and advocate. That's a long story for another blog post. I shared some of my health difficulties in posts two years ago. Since that time I learned my thyroid has atrophied. And that lead me to research, and to finding a wonderful group that is helping people with thyroid disorders. The story includes how and why it took seven years to diagnose my problem! And yes, there is going to be a quilt!


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