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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Student Work

It is my pleasure, every now and then, to share some of the wonderful work my students have made.  Stella Liwanpo sent the above photo of the tree she finished after my class in Norfolk County last Fall during the QUINCE Jam Retreat.  

Also from Norfolk County comes the above tulip by Diane Crother.  Using my pattern and her knowledge of tulips, she created this piece inspired by the Princess Irene tulip.

Carol Marshall started the lily above in my In Full Bloom class at the Country Quilter in Richmond, Ontario, about two years ago.  It was recently finished, and she shared a picture.

Students from the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild who took my Reflections class this past winter shared their completed works at the following guild meeting.  Thanks to the guilds photographer, Margaret Dunsmore, for permission to share these photographs.  Some awesome colour combinations here, and students found the free-form cutting and piecing method quite addictive.

While Albertina Pianarosa did not make the following two quilts in my class, she says in her email that she made these pieces following my class.
I hope you enjoyed these wonderful works by some of my very talented students!


  1. Thank you for sharing your student's work. Wish I were able to come to some of your workshops. Unfortunately can't but love seeing the work others have done.

  2. Thank you Sally. I don't know where you live but I travel anywhere! So if you have a local group that is interested, I'd be happy to come to your part of the world.

    Thanks for the note!



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