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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Haliburton School of the Arts, Week 1

Last week's class, Serendipity Strips and Curves, was all about learning to cut and piece free-hand without rulers and measurements.  For some students this was a completely new way of working.  For others it was the continuation of a journey they had already started on.  They worked so hard that some days it felt like I was running a sweat shop! Here are some results from the week.

Beverley's free-hand curves:

Frances' "blue tornado", her free-form curves exercise:

Ruth and her first time trying liberated strip piecing.

Kerry's work was always bold because she uses red (one of my favorite colours)! 

That's Maureen working away with several student designs behind her.  At left is her liberated strip piecing exercise, middle is Sheila's, and to the right is Sheila's free-form curves exercise.  At the bottom is Jackie's liberated strip piecing exercise.

Debbie's curved blocks are very dramatic with surprise design elements.

Barb's wall of works:

All week long we were distracted by the stunning indigo shibori being turned out in the class next door with Pamela Woodward.

Kathleen is calling this piece "One Windy November".

Barb finished two radial designs:

All week long I met up with deer on the road to my cottage.  This doe wasn't too worried when I stopped my car and got out to photograph her.

One day I spotted a doe with two fawns.  I managed to capture a photo of one of the fawns before all three slipped into the forest.  What a precious moment!


  1. Your workshop looks like a lot of learning AND fun. Love the pretty little deer!
    I'm no expert with blogger, but I always get my picture totally ready before importing it into my blog (crop, reduce size to speed up loading, etc.). I wasn't aware that I could make any changes once I dropped it into the blog. I've posted pictures of our 2-day workshop with Marilyn Doheny; and I see some of your students used the wedge ruler, too.

  2. Hi Martha,
    I do the same, resize and rotate my photos before I load them in blogger. Every once in a while though, they seem to be in the wrong orientation when they load, and nothing I do can change it. Tis a puzzlement. Oh how fun that it looks like we used a wedge ruler. In fact, we didn't use a ruler at all. The week was about cutting and piecing free hand without measurements and rulers! Wonky stuff, but people do cut amazingly accurate even without a ruler.

  3. How many workshops did you teach? It looks like you did about five different ones, all the work is so different. Lots of creativity there, looks like it was a great week for students and teacher. I love the curved block pieces, they all turned out great.

    1. Hi Laura,
      It was a week-long (5 day) workshop, in which I taught five methods of cutting and piecing without rulers and measurements. I combined 5 of my one-day classes into a week-long class. All 5 seemed to fit well together. So yes, your impression of it seeming like 5 workshops is correct. The goal is to get students more comfortable doing free-form work. I had a great time, and great weather!!


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