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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Need Your Help Blog Give Away

Thanks to everyone who stopped by with comments during the last blog give-away. The next celebratory blog give-away is a copy of the book "Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World". 

To be eligible to win this book I need a little bit of your help.  I've been experimenting with new business card designs.  I've updated my old design (Design One) below, and created ten additional designs.  Please vote on your favorite of the eleven designs.  Those who cast a vote by midnight EST on Friday, January 18 will have their names entered in a draw to win this book. Also, don't hesitate to make suggestions to improve your favorite design.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Design 10

Design 11


  1. I like design 7. It may just be on-screen, but I also think the original sans serif font is much clearer to read (and no, I don't have bad or old eyes!).

  2. I love design 2 and I wonder what the card might look like with the text in a colour from the stool. I also like design 10. In examining these two, I am not distracted by the secondary faded pattern in the background under the text of some of the others. 10 features your name and art front and centre. Depends if you want people's eyes roving from left to right or centre first and then move around the card. Hope this helps in your deliberations.

  3. I like design 2; I think it stands out more than the others.

  4. I like design # 2 - #11 would be my second choice!

  5. My choice would be # 8 with the way you have put the repeat of the design in the background. I would make the font size a bit larger and black if possible, some of us "seniors" need extra help.

  6. Elaine, design #2 or #6. The red makes the card 'pop'. The one on black is a bit stark but both are good choices. I'd have a hard time choosing between the two. However, saying that, #2 stood out the first time I scrolled through the selections.

  7. My preference is design #2. It is professional looking and it has punch.

  8. I think #2 is the most 'in your face'. #6 is less so but still striking.

  9. I like 2 or 6. The business card's purpose is to get people attention and I find that the red of the stool does that more than the other cards. :)

  10. Well, That is strange! I commented last night and it does not show up this morning. Darn that Invisible Ink!!! Anyway, B and I BOTH came up with the same choice, independently- number 9! We liked the colours and the layout and neither of us had trouble with the font, even with two sets of old eyes!

  11. I will vote for design number 4!

  12. I like #2 (I loved the original too and could still go with that, but the stool adds a good further contrast).


  13. Elaine,

    Though they are all lovely, I really like the first one. The simple contrast between the green and black conveys strength and confidence and the limited color palette gives it a sense of calmness and serenity. Very sleek and professional!


  14. number 2, would be my first choice!
    it just says "you"

  15. I love #6 and #9. Like the layout.

  16. I vote for #7 which is like #1 except on light background (diff font), but the colors and the art are the most important. I already own the book, so don't put me in the hat.
    Martha Ginn

  17. my vote is for #2. no hat for me either, thanks....
    good luck getting a consensus, haha!

  18. Design #6 is my favourite Elaine. I think the red stool shows the excitement in your work and I like the lighter background on this one.


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