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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Videos on U-Tube and Blog Winner

The winner of today's blog give-away is Lisa Quintana!  Stay tuned during the month of January for more give-aways.

As I mentioned earlier, I was interviewed for Blog Talk Radio today.  Part of the process was also shooting five U-Tube videos.  My cat Kissabelle joins me in the first one.

The videos can be accessed here:


  1. I heard the interview (enjoyed the rolling pictures of several of your quilts) but did not see you or Kissabelle. You did a great job of describing your passion for your work. Way to go!
    Martha Ginn

    1. Martha, if you click on the link in the above post you will get to the videos. I was a bit confused about the process and didn't understand that the videos and Blog Talk interview would be posted in different locations.

  2. Elaine, I just watched ALL of these videos, and you were great. I can't imagine being on camera for that long, and having the camera right in my face, I would have lost it! You weren't flustered hardly at all. Trying to think and speak in that situation in a coherent manner is tough, and you did a fantastic job! I especially liked when you tried to describe the therapeutic nature of quilting, I don't think your interviewer got it, but it sure spoke to me. Also the part about feeling overwhelmed about making so many decisions in a simple piece that you allow yourself to get distracted--something I've become very aware of in myself lately. Anyway, thanks for doing this interview, and thanks for posting the links. They were wonderful!

    1. Thanks for your supportive words Laura! Glad you enjoyed the interviews. I don't often "lose it" ... I have a knack for looking calm even when I don't feel calm. I totally understand distractions ... I am the Queen of finding distractions!


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