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Friday, May 9, 2014

Dye Happy, Session 3

Today was Session 3 of my Dye Happy class here in Ottawa at Wabi Sabi. This store specializes in knitting, weaving, and spinning, but has a classroom in the back that makes an excellent dye studio. Renting the classroom to run my workshops is working out really well, and I will have a few new classes to announce in my next post.

Today's dyeing topic was pole wrapping/arashi shibori. In between waiting for the poles to batch, students had a chance to do other dyeing. There are a couple of pictures of today's work, but most are from show and tell from the previous class.

Bev's arashi shibori

Just a picture of the TShirt I dyed on a pole last night. New life for an old TShirt!

This is how the fabric is dyed, wrapped and tied on a pole and placed in an immersion dye bath.

Ruth's piece of bomaki shibori.

Neera's piece of stitch resist shibori on silk organza.

Ruth's flour paste resist

Neera's flour paste resist on stitched fabric.

Bev's folded fabrics turned out great!

A two colour run.
 More parfaits.

I hope you enjoyed the colour and texture. I know I did!

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