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Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Trip to Prince Edward County, Ontario

This past week I spent time hanging out in Prince Edward County (Picton and Bloomfield), lecturing and teaching for the Prince Edward County Quilt Guild. Above is the view of Picton Harbour from my hotel room.

I delivered a lecture on Wednesday evening at Pinecrest School in Bloomfield. You can see members arriving for the lecture here. What a wonderfully friendly and helpful group of women. I had an entire team helping me transport my stuff back to my car at the end of the evening.

Thursday I taught "Liberated Radial Piecing" in the classroom at Picton Fabric World. The classroom was fairly spacious with each student having their own table.

This class involves a lot of sewing and cutting before you can begin to design your piece.

We start with a lot of strip piecing of fabrics that have been cut free-hand.

Enjoy the riot of colour in these photos as students begin to cut up their stripped fabric and form a design.

I decided to stay an extra day since this is a part of Ontario I love. Last summer I posted some photos taken of an August day in Prince Edward County. You can see those here.

In Bloomfield I found this sign in front of a home, inviting visitors to their garden. I did just that!

I found magnolia trees in full bloom :-))

Bleeding hearts:

Tulips everywhere. Enough tulips to rival the Canadian Tulip Festival in my own city of Ottawa. And they all had drops of rain enhancing them.

Hostas are unfurling everywhere at this time of year. But just wait until my next blog post ... HOSTA HEAVEN!!


  1. What a colourful trip! I can only hope our blossoms will be as rich and vibrant here -- sometime in June and July!

  2. I swear everything grew a few inches in a couple of days here Margaret, when it got really hot and humid!


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