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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Encore Changes and Bursting into Bloom

You probably remember me featuring my quadriptych "Encore" on this blog before.

This is what it looks like now with the fifth panel added in the middle, and the fourth panel turned up-side-down. I sewed the hanging sleeve on the other end because I found panel four too similar in composition to panel three.

These are all being sent out to France for the Crossing Oceans international exhibition on Nature. Our group now has a Facebook page at Crossing Oceans Textile Artists. If you are on Facebook, come and like us there. Several members have been sharing their work, and this is where you will find information about our group along with our upcoming shows. While you are on Facebook, please friend me as well. 

Here are some more detailed photos of each panel:

Encore 1: Unfurling
Encore 2: Blossoming
Encore 3: Growing
Encore 4: Maturing
Encore 5: Returning

As you may have noticed, hosta plants are bursting into bloom everywhere! I spent a bit of time today with my macro lens.

I really love how some blossoms include both warm purples and cool purples.

In this type of hosta blossom, there is almost a braided appearance to the blossom.

Whether or not these end up inspiring some art quilts remains to be seen. I have a million ideas, and stacks of many types of photos, and am at the moment finally quilting the samples for my hosta patterns. I'll be sure to share here if these photos do inspire some work.


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