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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Show and Tell

Tomorrow I'm heading off to teach for a week at the Haliburton School of the Arts. I am pleased that before I leave I have finished all the pieces for our Crossing Oceans group show on Nature. You may recall that I posted a picture of this final piece a few weeks ago. I really wasn't very happy with it, until I took some Prismacolor Artist Pencils to it and shaded it, adding some depth and light and more complex colour.
I am much more pleased with it now. Originally it was flat and boring. Now it has a bit more life and glows a bit.

I was going to add a fifth piece in the middle of my quadriptych, making it a pentaptych (work with five pieces), however, I do not think it works because the composition is too similar to the second one from the right (below). But that is fine as it can hang on its own. We are not required to have four or five parts that work together, only that we have five pieces of a certain measurement. The pieces of my quadriptych may not be hung together in this show anyway.

For someone who has worked with a hosta theme for several years, it is only recently I have started studying actual leaves up close and in person. My work up until now is all based on photos I've taken. Last week I realized that the type of hosta, that grows at the side of my house, is really very interesting up close. Look at all the different greens in it! I placed the leaf on my scanner, scanned a photo, and then played with it in Photoshop. One can while away hours playing with filters in Photoshop!

I've been saving up a few photos that have come in from recent classes. This is a photo that Bev sent after our last Dye Happy class. She did some wonderful gradations. two-colour runs, and parfaits. I love the earthy greens resulting from the green and purple dyes.

Cathy sent this photo of her "earthy" colour wheel after Quilt Canada.

Lynda also sent photos of her earthy colourwheel and some of the multi-coloured fabrics she did in my "Intro to Fabric Dyeing" at Quilt Canada.

Eleanor sent a photo of her finished piece from my "Liberated Radial Piecing" class at the Prince Edward County Quilters Guild in May.

I love receiving photos from students, so please don't hesitate to share them. 

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