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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saskatoon Classes

Whew, well I taught a dyeing class yesterday, just a few days after returning from my week in Saskatoon. During my five days with the Saskatoon Quilters Guild, I taught 6 classes and delivered a lecture/trunk show on one of those evenings. 

We had a fantastic, large, and well-lit classroom on the third floor of a community centre. So nice to be able to spread everything out and not be short of space, and even have an extra set of chairs for students to gather in front of my demo table. We even had a ramp and elevator so it was easy to transport things to the classroom.

We dyed fabric the first day. These are Eileen's. She also decided to dye some thread.

We built hosta leaves. These are Linda B's.

Louise chose a deep blue background for her hostas.

The other Linda made major progress on her blue poppy! I have always wanted to do a blue poppy but she beat me to it, and what a great job she did. There is a photo later in this post of the finished work. I decided to share this one too because I love how her tunic coordinates with her poppy.

We also built liberated radial designs. Really cool to see them all looking so different on the design wall.

We cut and pieced free-form curves. I find this piece by Mae to be a really elegant design.

Dorothy's design is reminiscent of a waterfall, or a still life of bottles.
Gillian's piece reminds me of the female form.

We also did a little bit of liberated applique. Here is Eileen's piece in progress. By the way, Eileen is the President of the Saskatoon Quilters Guild.

At my lecture and trunk show on the last evening, students brought show and tell from the five days of classes. 

Berna's little wash line of hand-dyed fabric is really attractive, with coordinating clothespins.

More of the results of the dyeing class with Mae, Bev, and Linda:
Hosta leaves

Flowers finished and in progress. Jean on left and Brenda, the Workshop Coordinator, on right.

Here is Linda's finished poppy. Isn't it stunning?  It still needs to be appliqued to a background.

Liberated Radial Piecing in progress.



Glorious colours with Bev, Diane, and Patsy.

The background of Mary Lou's piece (at left) runs from turquoise through green, and then to yellow and really showcases the almost sherbert colours she has used. On right are Bev and Diane

Free-form Curves and Liberated Applique by Laurie.

 Today I received a photo of this rose by Cathy via email. It is finished and what a fantastic job!

A big thank you to the Saskatoon Quilters Guild for their warm hospitality and friendliness. What an open-minded. innovative, and experienced group! 

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