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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Flora of Costa Rica

It has been on our list for a while, and so this month we took a 10 day trip to Costa Rica. I knew the rain forest would be interesting, but imagine my delight when I saw these leaves, my very favorite among all the foliage I had the pleasure of seeing in this beautiful country. Look at all that texture!

If I crop and magnify this photo, I see lines that look almost like white stitching!!!!

Taking the aerial tram over and through the rain forest was a great way to see a variety of foliage. While we saw lots of wildlife, we seldom saw it while on a tram. Too much noise and commotion for the creatures that try to stay where it is safe.

Here are some wonderful complementary colour combinations. Why is red and green always the complementary pair in the rainforest?

Nothing like greenery lit from behind by the sun!

Sure looks like a fiddlehead to me!

Here it is up close.

A few interesting flowers were seen too. 

In my next post I'll be sharing photos of the creatures I met! In the mean time, I am back home and it is snowing!


  1. The plants are amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those leaves are beautiful! It's snowing here too, good day for quilting.

    1. It is snowing here too Rose. The memory of the rainforest will carry me through the rest of winter. Thanks for your post.


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