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Sunday, May 31, 2015

On My Way to London

I am stopping to visit family on my way to London, Ontario to teach for the Canadian Embroiderer's Guild this week. I will be teaching a new 3-day class called "Inspired by Nature, Designed by You", and I am sure there will be photos on my blog by next weekend.
Before leaving home, I put together a one foot square quilt for the upcoming SAQA benefit auction. I didn't have time to quilt it until yesterday, on my travelling sewing machine, at my sister's house. It is all finished and packed and will be in the mail tomorrow. The title is Cavern 1, and it is inspired by Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon in Arizona.

After my sister went to bed I was up late putting together a second piece for the Haliburton School of the Arts faculty exhibition at Rails End Gallery. I had fused and cut out most of the pieces before leaving home so it was a matter of putting the design together. It will get quilted when I return home. This one is called Cavern 2 and is also based on the same slot canyon, Antelope Canyon. 
While staying in Waterloo, I had a chance to see the Grand National Quilt Show at Joseph Schneider Haus Museum. It was a busy day and I ran into a number of quilters I know, so I only took a few pictures of my favorite pieces. Hope you enjoy.
This first quilt of poppies is by Carolynn McMillan, and she did a fantastic job capturing poppies backlit by the sun.

Another favorite is also a nature piece by Lorraine Roy. Love the whimsical circular design, and the tree theme. Sorry about the light bulb at top that puts a glare on the work.
This is a detail of the piece.
Gordana Brelih's work is always a favorite of mine!
Here I am with my hosta piece, Curtain Call 2.

London, Ontario is my first stop in my marathon teaching month of June. Coming up are Edmonton, Alberta and Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.


  1. Hi Elaine
    I to, was at the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum on Saturday, I am sorry we were not there at the same time. Did you get caught in the rain? Queen Street was covered in about 2-3 inches of water when I dashed across the road to the parking lot. I had to step back to the museum fence while waiting for a gap in traffic, this was to avoid getting soaked by the wave of water being sprayed up from passing vehicles. By the way the show was amazing and inspiring.
    Quilters are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. Renske Helmuth coordinated a group of quilters to create the feature quilt "Threads of Africa" (http://nhmrs.com/content/feature-quilts) for the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Quilt Auction. It was also displayed at Quilt Canada in Brockville last year and was breath taking. It was auctioned off this weekend and sold for $42000. Yes that is correct forty-two thousand dollars.
    I took another dyeing course at a local quilt shop last week; I was brushing up on my skills learned from one of your courses. I was hugely disappointed. By far your very organized and well thought out class was far superior. I just have so much difficulty free handing dye colours. It is so much easier to follow your recipe for success.
    Your June schedule sounds truly exciting and ambitious. Please take care of yourself and always ask for assistance. Cheers, Jackie.

  2. I am sorry I missed you at Joseph Schneider Haus Jackie, and I've also now figured out which Jackie you are :-)) I have a few followers named Jackie so without a last name or location I wasn't quite sure. We did indeed get caught in the rain. I think Renske's work has auctioned for some amazing prices over the years at the rellief sale. Everyone dyes a little differently so you have to experiment and see what method works best for you. Take care!

  3. Goodness, Elaine! Thank you so much for your VERY kind comments about Poppies Aglow! I absolutely LOVE your Antelope Canyon pieces. How FABULOUS!!! I loved the photos. The quilts are REALLY wonderful. Still have not been to GN but I would definitely agree about Lorraine Roy's and Gordana Brelih's work. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much again :-)

    1. You are very welcome Carolynn. Yours and Lorraine Roy's were my favorite pieces there!


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