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Friday, October 28, 2016

Contemplative Photography, Part 2

Snow arrived in Haliburton yesterday, but it made for some great photographs that I will share in a future blog post. Today it is beautiful and sunny and looks like this photo:

Today I'm sharing the assignment from our second day. That was to photograph our "perceptions" of flowers, weeds, leaves and trees. 

I've been shooting lots of smoke bush behind our hotel. Inspiration for a quilt I've been thinking about for a year. I have photos from a trip to Vancouver Island in Summer 2015. In autumn the colour has deepened. This morning I captured them in snow (to be shared in a future post).

Dried pods abound at this time of year.

There are also dying hostas behind our hotel. I adore decomposing leaves.

Tree bark

Next post will be photos that have an Asian feel, demonstrating simplicity, purity and space.


  1. There is a beauty in decomposing plants/flowers. You captured so many lovely moments.

  2. There were so many lovely moments to discover Jo. Because of the course I now see some things I probably would not normally notice.


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