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Saturday, January 21, 2017

At Last a Hosta Blossom

I actually fused the last piece of this design a week ago, but immediately headed out to teach the first session of my Art Quilt Series last Saturday, and then I started an on-line Photoshop course on Monday. I've been distracted by the US election as well. In light of that, I think we need to post something happy and pleasurable! Here it is, the hosta blossom I worked on last week, and that has been planned for some time. Right now it is not permanently attached to this background. I will audition it on others before I make my final decision.

I worked on two pen, ink and watercolour drawings since my last blog post. They are both based on photos I took in  Provence in 2015.

This yellow chair was just sitting in a grey alley.

I've worked on this quite a bit, but it is still not finished. Based on a photo taken at the Abbey Saint Hilaire in Provence.

In order to avoid the pressure and rush of last spring, we'll begin dyeing fabric this week for kits required during my spring teaching. We'll also begin copying and folding and packaging patterns. All of this is spread out nicely in my calendar and I'm hopeful it will be a bit more sane than last year. I'm excited about Session 2 of my Art Quilt Series, which takes place next Saturday, January 28. I'll be introducing the class to "seat of the pants" design.


  1. LOVE-LEEEE, Elaine! So beautiful! Are you doing the Pixel Ladies' course? It is great. I STILL call them the Pixie Ladies ;-) despite the fact that they are pretty UN Pixielike! Great teachers. Great course. If that's what you're doing, enjoy! I did!

    1. Thank you Carolynn. Yes I am taking the class with the Pixel Ladies. You are not alone in calling them the Pixie Ladies. Really learning a lot of useful stuff.

  2. The Hosta Blossom is gorgeous and as always, I enjoy seeing your drawings.

  3. Love the bud.

    I, too, was captivated by cafe chairs in France. Lovely rendition.

    1. Thank you Vivien. I remember seeing your wonderful photos of France on Facebook.


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