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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Art Quilt Series Ottawa, Session 2 and New Work

Yesterday was Session 2 of my 5-day Art Quilt Series, running five Saturdays between January and March. I am having a lot of fun with this eager and relatively small group of eight women.

In our first session two weeks ago we learned about creativity, composition, design, and colour. At session 2 we started with some colour exercises involving acrylic paint.

Then students were put to work for the rest of the day creating a "Seat of the Pants" design, cutting everything for their art quilt free-hand.

 Not everyone finished, but most pieces were well on their way. Lynn did finish her Bird of Paradise.

Beth finished her abstract Canada Geese.

Wendy's Southwestern rock formations were coming to life.

Virginia was blocking in the major shapes of her landscape.

This is a really fun and gratifying class for me to teach because everyone is creating something different, and I look forward to what each student will come up with. Below is my start on a Seat of the Pants composition that I created while demonstrating to the class how I might do such a composition. I'm liking the direction it is going so I am going to finish this one before the next class.

In our third class, which takes place in February, I will be teaching the class how to create their own patterns and build the quilt from there. This will be a more planned design. I'll be sure to share photos.

I also completed a new pen and ink drawing. I photographed this beautiful stairway in Provence in 2015. I absolutely loved seeing it come to life with pen and ink.


  1. I think this is my favourite pen and ink drawing. Lots of depth. Love seeing everyone's work. It's inspiring.

    1. Thanks Jo. I think it is my favorite so far too. I'll have more student work to share after Saturday 😊


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