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Monday, October 9, 2017

Of Vineyards and Villages

The villages we stayed at in the Alsacian region of France, were situated along the wine route. This route extends for about 170 km with numerous vineyards along the way. So we often found ourselves driving along the tiny roads that pass through the vineyards. Sometimes we would just sit and admire for a while, and sometimes we would take lots of photos.

This is one of my favorite photos, and really captures the experience for me. It was taken late in the day when the light is magical. Love the light and shadows!

You can see autumn had also arrived.

The little village of Hunawihr is situated among the vineyards. This is the sight that greets you as you approach the village.

In our opinion, Huhnawihr is also one of the prettiest villages we visited.

Check out the main flower-bedecked intersection. There is an old decorated well, and in the building is a fantastic restaurant that serves Alsacian fare.

This is the view from the church in the earlier photo above. What a panorama! I love the lines of the roads that cut through the vineyards, and isn't that round tree just the little bit of variety this composition needs?

Another popular village we visited, not too far from Hunawihr, is Riquewihr. This one is raved about in tourist books, but the result is that it is way too packed with tourists.

It's certainly a pretty village with interesting architecture, and lots of shops.

This is the one memory of Riquewihr that stands out most in my mind: the macaron tree!

We noticed that many villages have memorial statues to honour those that died in the first and second world wars. Let's not let there be another war!


  1. Yes, there is something special about the light in France. Magical, isn't it?

    1. Vivien, I was actually referring to the time of day when the light is magical (anywhere), but you are quite correct that the light in France is magical. That's what attracted Van Gogh, isn't it?

  2. Your photos are just magical--especially the one with the round tree. Your artist eye really got a great composition there!

    1. It was right there waiting for me to snap the photo Martha :-) Thank you for your kind words.


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