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Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Little Blue Cottage in the Walled Village of Bergheim

After four nights in Ottrott, Alsace, France, we moved south for six nights, to the little blue cottage in the village of Bergheim. 

Some mornings this cat would be sunning itself in the window of the yellow house next door.

We chose well in choosing Berghaim. It was definitely one of the prettiest villages we visited. Not touristy, fairly quiet, with friendly people, and an amazing boulangerie (bakery)!. You can still see, and walk around, the original wall that circles the village. The wall was important protection against invaders during a time when battles and feuds were frequent in this area. The view you see in the photo below, was the section of wall that ran just behind our little blue cottage.

Other sights along the wall.

This was not my first time walking the wall of a medieval walled village, and once again I commented on how interesting it was to look into people's backyards.

These are esome of the original gates where you enter the village. Just inside the north gate is a row of plane trees. That's my husband being a tree hugger on the right.
Time for another espresso!

One day we drove to Rosheim, another pretty medieval village very close to Bergheim. Here are the gates.

This Romanesque church dating to the 12th century.

On the left is the 300 year old well. Most villages have at least one well no longer in use.

The patina of time shows in the moss coloured roof tiles

and the weathered shingles.


  1. Thanks for sharing for those of us not likely to get to see these beautiful villages. My one trip to Ireland is probably it for my international travel. But I can really soak up others' photos!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the photos Martha. I always enjoy these kinds of photos when others travel, and loved seeing your adventures in Ireland on Facebook. There may be yet another trip in your future!


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