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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

First Day in Barcelona

After the Patchwork Sitges Festival finished, we spent a week in Barcelona. On our first day we did a lot of walking! Spring had arrived ... we found these trees in bloom.

We spent considerable time at the large and famous market, the Mercat Boqueria Barcelona. The fruit and vegetables and seafood were incredibly fresh in Spain! Please enjoy these photos of the bounty!

Fruit juices from a wide variety of fruits in a wide variety of colours.

Fresh eggs

The very tender and tasty Iberica ham.

So much tapas! Little snack sizes of all kinds of delicacies.

Fresh chicken.

The freshest of seafood.

Chocolate drizzled strawberries.



Nuts and dried fruit

Here's my husband with his flavour pick: coconut juice. He deserved it as he had been carrying around a box containing three of my quilts all day. We were looking for a UPS Store. We did find it but were directed to a post office instead. It is impossible to ship a parcel with UPS in Spain without paying on-line first and getting your mailing label. We didn't have a scale to weigh the parcel. These three quilts were on their way to Jane Rollason in France for our upcoming Crossing Oceans group show (more on that later).

And then I got to go to Petritxol Xocao for my first ever churros. Churros are crispy fried donuts, sprinkled with sugar, and are typically dipped in a cup of chocolate. The cup of chocolate came with a whole lot more whipped cream on top than I could eat! But oh, the chocolate!!!!

I know I look tired at this point because I had trouble sleeping the first few days from the time change. It was also a few days of much activity with my exhibition and workshops. The churros were a real treat as I have been following a very healthy eating plan for a while now.


  1. WOW!! What an exciting trip! These photos are wonderful, Elaine! SOOO much colour! That's a lovely photo of Pete and YOU!!!! Look AB FAB,! Well done Elaine. VERY well done!

  2. I'm loving your pictures, especially those from Spain, reminding me of a trip with my husband in about 2004. The food is a delight to the eye as well as the palette. And congratulations on your healthy eating; it shows up good on you. And what better place to enjoy treats than in Spain.


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