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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Heading to Spain

It's been a busy time preparing for my exhibition and workshops in Spain. Finally the day has come when we are all packed and ready to go. I've packed 20 kits and patterns for my Hosta Leaves class.

and 20 kits and patterns for my Collage Tree class.

It took a while to plan and undertake the dyeing, ironing, cutting and bundling. In between I was working on new work. I am taking a total of 15 quilts for my exhibition. The newest ones are quilted, and photos appear below. I would have liked to make two more new quilts, but I simply ran out of time. I hope to keep the momentum going when I arrive back home so I can apply for a solo show here in my own city. I spent a day photographing and labelling all these works.

Smoke & Mirrors 1

Smoke and Mirrors 2. Now it was a huge challenge for me to get all three parts of this triptych the same length!!

Cascade 1

Cascade 2

I was working on Prairie Sun right up to the last minute. I finished putting the facing and label on last night, only to discover that it wasn't hanging straight. Went back at it this morning and I am happy with it now.

Our bags are packed, and I mean PACKED, and we fly out tomorrow. I spent the day getting the house ready for the house and petsitter who will be living here while we are away. 

I'm also happy to report that "Rise", my hosta bud quilt (photo shared two posts ago) was juried into the National Juried Show of the Canadian Quilters' Association,. to be held end of May in Vancouver. I haven't entered in a couple of years, but since I had new work available I figured why not? You'll find information here. I won't be able to attend the show as I am teaching at Salon 2018, the provincial quilt show in Quebec.


  1. Thanks for the fabric sample. I really appreciated the sharing. I was getting ready for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show and was bogged down. Was the featured artist. Thankfully no new works just me body of work. I know how much work it is to prepare. Now to put everything back together.
    I love you new kit the tree trunk and leaves.
    Have fun on your trip.

    1. My pleasure Maryann. Congratulations on your show, I did see the photos on Facebook. We are back and I am finally catching up on things before some upcoming teaching.

  2. Safe travels, Elaine, Your new pieces are wonderful and will certainly make a hit in Spain. Looking forward to photos from your trip.

    1. Thank you Judy! We are back and I am trying to catch up on things :-)

  3. Beautiful work! And I'm sure your students will have a great experience in your classes. I'll be eager to read about Spain later!

  4. The quilts are lovely! Have a fun and safe trip!


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