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Monday, October 29, 2012

Introducing a Master: Joan Sowada

"Busy" by Joan Sowada, 2012

It was a few years ago that I saw Joan Sowada's work for the first time.  I was, and still am, pretty impressed.  It isn't easy to do figurative work in fabric, and even harder to do it well.  I think hers is some of the most successful figurative work I've seen in the art quilt world.  Not so much portraits or perfect likenesses of individuals, Joan's work captures moments and situations, people in movement and relationship.  Her work is characterized by arresting and unusual compositions, and there is something almost lyrical or poetic about the people she features.

I wrote to Joan last week to ask if I could talk about her on my blog and share some of her work.  She graciously offered the photo above.  Do take some time to visit her website at http://www.joansowada.com/ to see more of her work.  Joan lives in Gillette, Wyoming.

Joan was featured in the June/July 2011 issue of Quilting Arts magazine, and was interviewed by Quilting Daily in June 2011.  You can read the interview here.

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  1. I've visited and camped at Gillette , Wyoming! VERY inspirational part of the world! This IS splendid work and Joan's website is fabulous. Thanks for the tip, Elaine!


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