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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Changing Gears after Quilt Canada

You may be wondering why I haven't shared any photos of the quilts at Quilt Canada. I am not deliberately depriving you. There is no photography allowed at our National Juried Show, but catalogues were available for sale at the front desk, and will be mailed to all members of the Canadian Quilters Association with their Fall Magazine. You can, however, view the award winning quilts at this link. I literally had to beg to be allowed a photo with my quilt ;-)) Here I am.

It is a busy week here. I wrote up my Northcott pattern and am having it tested as we speak, so that shortly I will be stuffing 1,000 pattern packages to ship to Northcott to arrive by August 1. I am also working on more poppy sketches for my second line.

In the mean time, I have finally built the fifth work I plan to send for the Crossing Oceans group show on Nature. Our first appearance is at Patchwork Europe in September. The plan was that this piece would fit right into the middle of the quadriptych above (photo of my piece at Quilt Canada with the ribbon), making this a pentaptych. Yes I had to look that one up as I did not know the term for an art work made in five pieces. All of the five pieces are designed to either stand alone, or work together. I think they have more impact as a group. This final piece still needs to be quilted. That is on the agenda for early August.

I am off to celebrate my father's 90th birthday this week, and from there I am heading off to spend next week taking an art class. The instructor has agreed to let me work in fabric ... he is very enlightened! I spent considerable time this week prepping. I had a full 25 yard bolt of the Steam a Seam that was released last summer but then pulled from the market. Thank heavens they did pull it off the market, because I had a hard time pulling the paper off.  A little patience was needed and I am all set with about 80 colours of fused fabric. You can see the update on Steam a Seam here. Progress is being made and we can expect to see Steam a Seam making its way back on the market later this fall.

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