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Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Week and This Week

Last week I had a great time teaching a private two-day free-motion quilting class for a group of 5 women in Almonte, Ontario. Great company with Kristi, Dana, Cathy, Angela, and Donna. A very relaxed and easy-going group of friends, great food, a lovely location, and frequent visits from the family's feline and canine members.

Fossil, the cat, was relentless at providing love.

One of two Boston Terriers spent a lot of time on my lap :-)

Beautiful Sian, now 14 years old, insisted on being with us, even though she needed help going back down the stairs :-)

Fossil posing again.

Lest you think I am having way too much fun, this week is full of preparations for the upcoming Quilt Canada Conference in St. Catharines, Ontario. 160 meters of fabric ripped up, with the help of my husband this time :-)

35 dyeing kits being assembled.

Several practice sandwiches put together to demo free-motion quilting.

It will be a very full and busy week! I'm teaching two free-motion quilting classes and two dyeing classes. Three of four classes have 20 students.

I am running an experiment this week to see how long a wet piece of fabric inside a plastic bag survives in my hot car before it starts to mold. This will dictate whether I will be rinsing and spinning all the fabric before leaving home, or finding laundry facilities in St. Catharines. I will be on the road 2 days before I get there, and have two days of workshops before the dyeing classes begin. 

I also have four brand new tires installed on my little Toyota, in preparation for all my summer travels.


  1. You have the best luck finding snuggly cats where you stay. I spent Friday night at a friend's house; she had a big orange tabby who appeared at the door to be let in. I obliged and he went to the food plate to eat. I petted a little around his head and ears and gave up on the snuggle because he was so beat up from fighting. I was happy to get back to my soft fur babies.

  2. No kidding Martha! I get a lot more love from the cats I meet on teaching trips than I do from the cats in my own home!! My girls are just plain spoiled!


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