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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodbye Yellowknife

Back home in the suburbs of Ottawa, I miss the beautiful views we enjoyed of Great Slave Lake while staying in a 10th floor apartment in Yellowknife.  No matter the weather, we always had a great view.  When I visited Yellowknife back in January, this lake had a steady stream of cars and trucks crossing it on the ice road.
Here's a view of Yellowknife taken near our apartment.  You can see there is lots of that rugged Canadian Shield encircling the lake.
We always had a view of the charming houseboats that some locals live in both winter and summer.  My zoom lens brought these closer.

This amazing sunset was photographed by my husband in front of our apartment just before we went for dinner on our last night in Yellowknife.  I think I might have to dye a piece of fabric with these colours!
I took these shots as we were flying out of Yellowknife.  There's the city, the Lake, and lots of golden birches and poplars growing on rocky shield.
Further up it all becomes about the colour and pattern.  The wonderful weather that day made it very bittersweet to leave.
Flying into Alberta, close to Calgary (where we made our connection to Ottawa), I captured a photo of these golden parcels of land.  Easy to see why some artists are inspired by topography and aerial views.
Back to reality.  I'll post soon on what's coming up!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip, Elaine. Your photos are amazing. Was the sky really that scrumptious shade of turquoise?

    1. Thanks Norma, glad you enjoyed my posts and photos. I find the sky is often very blue, but appears washed out in my photos. So recently I purchased a polarizing filter that cuts back the glare and gives me richer colour in my skies.

  2. The photos and comments are so inviting - this has to be put on a list of 'must visit's! Thanks

    1. Glad you enjoyed the posts and photos Lauren. I truly love the north, and want to see more. Going to remote places is so addictive, soon you want to go more and more remote. Now I'm dreaming of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk. We'll see if I get there eventually. Hope you have a chance to see the NWT.


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