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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nova Scotia Lecture and Friends

I'm on a roll tonight, so I may as well finish blogging about my fantastic trip to Nova Scotia! Tomorrow is prep time for a class I'm teaching here in Ottawa.

Here are a couple of photos that Barb Robson took at my lecture in Mahone Bay

Barb has posted a lot more photos here.

My flight didn't leave until Tuesday night, which gave me some more time to tour around. Ann took me on a drive to Lunenberg to visit Laurie Swim in her home, studio and gallery. It turns out that Laurie has a new cat named Sheba, adopted from the local rescue. So here is Laurie and her cat.

I had a few snuggles with Sheba too. She's that kind of cat!

Laurie invited rug hooker Felicia Knock to join us. Felicia brought her beautiful colour box of hand-dyed wools. Hookers use them for rugs, but we saw the potential for quilts. I couldn't resist two pieces! This is Felicia with her beautiful fabrics, with Laurie to her side.

A big thank you to all the quilters I met in Nova Scotia for your hospitality! What more could I ask for than a trip with friendly quilters, beautiful scenery, good food, and of course a few felines!


  1. NS scenery, artists, cats, food....sounds like a lovely experience! I checked out Felicia's dyed wools as I have taken up rug hooking recently. They are gorgeous!

    1. Yes Juanita, Felicia's wools are gorgeouos, I can't imagine cutting them into strips. I see potential for quilts ;-) Happy hooking.


  2. I had no idea the quilts in the first two pictures were so large, it's hard to get a sense of scale on-line without a reference point. They're gorgeous, but of course you already know that.

    You look really good in red, Elaine!

    1. Why thank you Laura. I wear a lot of red because it coordinates well with black and white, and makes it easy to pack something that goes together. My mother used to wear a lot of red ... have I become my mother?

      Usually I put the dimensions of my quilts on my website, but there is nothing like standing beside them to see the scale.

      Hope the hand-dyes reached you safely.


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