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Sunday, April 14, 2013

See You in France at Quilt en Sud

Come join me at Quilt en Sud, May 30 - June 2, in Saint Jean de Luz, France. Quilt en Sud is a volunteer-run show that is held every other year. The City is located in the Basque region of France, near the border to Spain, in the French province of Avignon.

I will have about 10 of my works on display in "la maison de l'infante", the pink building you see below on the Saint Jean de Luz waterfront. One of the organizers sent this photo a few days ago.

For more information on the artists exhibiting at the show click on Expositions. I'll be there in person to interact with visitors, except for the two days I am scheduled to teach.  Check out all the courses being offered. Mine will be in English with French translation.


  1. Oh, ma cherie, j'espere que je peut etudier avec toi en France...mais a ce temps la, j'irai au College en Olds, Alberta pour etudie l'encaustic!

    Have a great time -- and please forgive my fractured lived-outside-Quebec-for-too-long French!

    1. What's to forgive Margaret? You speak way better French than this Ottawa resident! I wish I could take you with me! Enjoy your Encaustics class!

  2. Sounds exciting! Have a great time and please share a few photos when you get back.

  3. Thanks Judy, I will be sure to share photos!


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