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Friday, June 5, 2015

An Inspiring Group of Students in London

This past week I taught my new three-day class called "Inspired by Nature, Designed by You" for the Canadian Embroiderers' Guild in London, Ontario. I was one of two teachers that gave workshops to the guild for their summer workshop series. Amanda McCavour gave a class on Experimental Embroidery that looked like a lot of fun. Both of us also gave a lecture on Wednesday evening.
I had a full class at 15 students. Every student brought their own photograph of a flower or tree or foliage that was meaningful to them. We talked about how to choose a good composition. We learned about value, how to build the quilt, etc. I am so pleased with the results of this very creative and committed group! I am sharing photos of the stage that each work was at by the end of three days. Some designs were more intricate than others, so many were not finished during class.
Carla's anemone flower and bud.

Christine's red trillium. The diagonal composition really enhances the feeling of movement in this piece!

Eleanor's iris
Gwen's hibiscus, about 3/5 finished. 
My Facebook friend, Judith, decided on a pretty complex and intricate hosta design. She will still have a few days of work before it is finished. She is off to a great start!
Judith on the left, me on the right.

Kay's rose

Karen's peony
Miriam's hibiscus about 2/3 finished.
Norah was working on a beautiful butterfly sitting on yellow-green foliage. Still some background to fill in and a bit of work on the butterfly's large upper wings.

Susan worked on a round piece for her kitchen that featured a mesclun salad mix. The colours are rich and complex.
Maria decided to work on orchid buds rather than an orchid flower. The results are really interesting.

Meg's bleeding hearts. Still a couple more hearts to add.
Libi worked on a very pale purple waterlily, that required delicate and slight value changes. It will come to life when the centre is added!

Anne and her purple cosmos.
We had a brightl and spacious studio classroom in the Visual Arts Building at Western University.

A big thank you to Beth and Nancy who organized the workshops and provided assistance to teachers.

I will be flying to Edmonton, Alberta on Friday and then on to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia to teach workshops in both locations. A busy month indeed!

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