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Friday, June 19, 2015

Edmonton Festival of Quilts, Part 2

Today was my first day of teaching on Salt Spring Island, I am still catching up with blog posts from my trip to Edmonton before I share Salt Spring Island.

My first job in Edmonton was to deliver an early morning lecture to kick off their Quilt Festival. The room was packed. I wasn't quite sure I would be coherent so early in the morning but I seem to have managed.
We were bagpiped into the room (part of the Edmonton tradition). I am waiting for someone to send me photos because I was marching in the procession. After my lecture, Anna Hergert (second from right) presented my CQA Teaching Award, which she carried from Lethbridge to Edmonton. She was in town to judge the Edmonton show.
The co-chairs of the show, Pauline and Susan:

All of the committee members wore green aprons, made with one of my Northcott fabrics. From left to right, Pauline, Judy (the apron maker), Susan and Marjorie. Marjorie was also my very capable and organized class assistant.
The first workshop I taught was Hosta Leaves 101.
Several students finished building their leaves. 

Margie was auditioning different backgrounds. We quite liked the spirals in this hand-dyed and hand-stamped fabric.

 With so much going on, I failed to record this student's name. Can anyone help me out?
On the second day I taught In Full Bloom. I am now offering three different levels within the same class. Beginners can work with my new Poppy Passion pattern. Intermediate students can work with my Sunkissed Poppy or Peony pattern, and advanced students can work with one of my older patterns where they make all their own colour and value choices.  
Flowers being built. This is my new peony pattern, which will be offered for sale when I get home and have a chance to add it to my web store.

On Day 3 I taught a third class of florals and hosta leaves for a smaller group, comprised of the organizing committee of the quilt show.
I had a great time with the warm and welcoming group in Edmonton, and hope to return one day!

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