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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Partial Reveal & A Hosta Bag

I just finished building the fern fronds for the design I revealed in my last post. Here are the fronds with all the parts on them that were cut on my Brother ScanNCut. In this photo they are just hanging on my white design wall. This weekend I will find a suitable background. This project is an attempt at working in a more graphic and abstract style. If you have suggestions for background colour/s, I am all ears. I was initially leaning toward white to further enhance the graphic qualities. I am not sure at the moment. My design wall looks a little off-white here and that may be why it isn't pleasing me.

This week I received two photos from Virginia Miller. She took my Hosta Leaves 101 class last year at Textile Traditions of Almonte. She chose the Hosta Trio pattern, and instead of making a wall quilt, she cut hers up and turned it into a bag. Pretty cool and clever I would say.

If you are in the Ottawa Valley, I will be delivering a lecture and trunk show on Monday night, January 16 for the Kemptville Quilters Guild.


  1. I'm fascinated with your fern fronds. I can't wait to see where you take them next. Virginia's bag is gorgeous. It must be fun and inspiring to see what direction your students take with your classes.

  2. Virginia is very creative and has a great eye for design and always comes up with great ideas.. She has years of experience doing textile work. But it could just as easily be someone new with a background in something else that puts a creative spin on something. I love her bag!

  3. I agree; that tote is very attractive indeed! As for your venture into a more abstract style...I will follow with interest!

  4. Nice bag. I wish it had been standing up! I think you are right with these backgrounds. The ones in the next post are MY faves! Love the plummy purple!


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