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Monday, January 18, 2016

What's Up?

We are experiencing a snowy Monday here in Canada's Capital, but hey it is winter, so what can we expect?

I thought I would share my conclusion about the fern quilt. This is the background and the setting I plan to fuse it to and finish it on. 

I am enjoying a fairly quiet month with just a few speaking and teaching engagements. Last Monday night I drove out to Kemptville, Ontario, to deliver a lecture to the Kemptville Quilters Guild. My student, Bev Cooper, brought some of her Show and Tell. Bev started this very colourful quilt in my "Reflections" class in November 2015 at the Upper Canada Quilters Guild. In this class students learn how to cut curved blocks free-hand, and are shown several options for designing with them. Bev used many of the fabrics she dyed in my "Dye Happy" class at Wabi Sabi last year. Isn't this piece stunning? Bev is always an inspiration, not only in the work she produces but in how fast it comes together. 

Bev then went on to create a second piece using this method. I love the way she has turned her blocks on this one and the way the piece emits light from the off-centre focal point. The small secondary square of green in the lower right adds an element of surprise and repetition, and the small touches of orange provide a nice complement! Both quilts are already beautifully machine-quilted on her domestic sewing machine

Bev also found a use for the poppy panel from my Northcott "Poppy Passion" fabric line. Lovely, isn't it?

Saturday I had a great time teaching "Intro to Fabric Dyeing" for the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild.

My impression is that students had a great time playing with colour. Just look at the smile on Lynn's face.

I'll be teaching my "Dye Another Day" class to the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild on Saturday, January 30. More fun getting messy with colour :-)

The tables are clear in my studio for more studio time this week :-) But I also need to dye some blues and purples.

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  1. I'm really liking how your fern quilt is turning out. When I enlarged the photo, I suddenly realized how large-scale the piece is. Wow! :-)

    And your students clearly shine -- Bev's work is a wonderful use of colour!


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