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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Here's to a Creative New Year!

Here we are, already seven days into 2017. I would like to wish you a happy and creative new year!

I've been busy, but I'm also taking time to relax.

Remember this piece? I'm back at the job of machine quilting it. I made the piece a year ago but never finished quilting it.

I've also got my pattern all ready for the hosta blossoms. I'm going to be building on it this week. Stay tuned!

Since I last wrote, I've completed a few pen and ink drawings with watercolour. This first one is based on photo I took in France.

This one is based on a photo taken in Italy.

Originally I intended my art journal to be more about quick sketches from my life, but I'm finding myself using my photos a lot. This next drawing was more what I had in mind. I bought this polka-dotted cup, saucer and plate at HomeSense over the holidays. I can never resist black and white polka dots. It was just begging to become a pen and ink drawing, especially on a day I was snowed in.

One thing I'm loving about being home is making good food from scratch. I'm experimenting with making bread right now. I've never been fully happy with the way bread bakes in my bread maker, so now I'm using it just to mix the dough and then baking it in the oven. This French Bread was a success.

This week I'll keep on working on quilting the ferns, start building the hosta blossoms, prep for my upcoming Art Quilt class at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild (the series begins on Saturday) and yes, I'll probably bake some bread too.


  1. I'm becoming a big fan of your pen, ink and watercolour drawings. The bread looks good too....yumm.

    1. Why thank you Jo Ferguson 😊 I'm becoming a fan of the technique, and I love the bread too. Am about to watch the womens march!


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