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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hanging My Show in St. Jean de Luz

We arrived in St. Jean de Luz yesterday. Air France bused us to Montreal, where we flew direct to Paris. At Charles de Gaulle Airport in |Paris, we caught another bus to take us 1-1/2 hours to Orly Airport, where we flew to Biarritz. From there Christine, one of the show organizers, picked us up to transport us to St. Jean de Luz. Today we hung my show at Maison de l'Infante. This is one of several shows taking place as part of Quilt en Sud. The day was mostly grey with occasional rain, but every once in a while some blue sky showed through.  Above and below are the view you see from the window of where my show is being held.

This is the gallery space from the inside.

Built in the late 16th century, Maria Theresa of Spain lived here during her marriage to Louis XI|V. Check out the lovely ceiling.
Several volunteers showed up to help, but Antoinne (on right) did most of the work climbing up and down the ladder and cutting chains.

After the show was hung, we enjoyed a little browsing and shopping along one of the many pedestrian streets in St. Jean de Luz.

We are staying at a lovely small hotel within walking distance of most show activities. I can't wait for it to stop raining so I can sit on this back deck. Beautiful vines are crawling up old walls.

The "pain au chocolate" (chocolate croissants) that were part of our breakfast, almost make up for the rain though :-))


  1. You are now officially an international superstar! Congratulations, it looks like a wonderful trip.

  2. How VERY exciting, Elaine. Glad you arrived safely and I hope you have a wonderful time! ENJOY!!

  3. A one woman show in France?! How exciting! Be sure to show us pictures of the show.

  4. Les "chocolatines aux amandes" (chocolate croissants with almonds) from PARIES (Pastry : 9 rue Gambetta à Saint Jean de Luz) are wonderfull...
    You should also taste "Gateau Basque"
    Bon séjour en France.

  5. What a great experience--hanging a show in France! I'll watch for more pictures of the pieces hanging. Comment moderation is essential nowadays!


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