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Thursday, May 9, 2013

You'll Love Our Fabric ... THIS WEEKEND

You'll love our fabric! This weekend purchase my luscious hand-dyed fabrics at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild Show in Canada's beautiful capital city, Ottawa. We played hard last week, but this work we've been working extra hard. We have about 100 one meter cuts, and lots more.  Scroll down to see.  My best selection of fabrics is always available at this biennial show and nicely laid out for you to contemplate your choices. We also have a larger booth this year to make your shopping experience even better.

Hundreds of fat quarters ... maybe our best selection ever!

Dozens of colour series bundles ... and we haven't bundled them all yet.

Really luscious and vibrant hand-dyed silk/rayon velvet.

Textile Temptation packs in a variety of colours. They include a fat quarter of velvet, cotton, dupioni silk, silk organza, and a half meter of cheesecloth. All fabrics in each pack were subjected to the same dye bath but each fabric takes up the colour a little differently.

While you are in Ottawa, enjoy our beautiful Tulip Festival. These photos were taken at a previous Festival (we haven't been out much all week as we've been in our dyeing dungeon). Well actually, a wonderful trip to Renfrew to teach yesterday offered a reprieve for a day.

Kissabelle and I also took some time to get groovy in the garden. The weather has been glorious!

We tried out the macro lens again.

The apple blossoms are budding!

 Fabrics travel with me as well when teaching by car (limited selection when flying).


  1. I hope to be there! Can't wait to see your selection of fabrics.

    1. Look forward to seeing you Juanita! And congrats on getting into Sacred Threads show!

  2. Magnificent! Who is "we"? I thought it was just YOU??? Anyway, GORGEOUS fabrics and you are breaking my heart! I cannot come to Ottawa to see them :-( I am sure sales will be wonderful though. Good luck!

    1. "We" are me, myself and I. Today I feel like we are three people ... HAHAHA Thanks for the positive comments Carolynn!

  3. You really know how to make us envious to see all these wonderful hand-dyes in person. I hope you sell it all and have to dye more! Kissabelle will happily add her weight to the piles to flatten them, trying to save you some ironing. Don't you wish??!!

  4. Hi Martha,
    Well I was trying to entice people to the show :-) You would love Ottawa at this time of year ... tulips and apple blossoms! Ya, I wish I could train Kissy and Peekaboo to help me iron! Sometimes I hire someone to help with the ironing, but this year decided not to as I was spending more for a bigger booth.


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