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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taos Pueblo

It was an utter pleasure and privilege to visit Taos Pueblo on my trip to New Mexico. Taos Pueblo is the oldest continuously inhabited native pueblo in the United States, and it dates back about 1000 years. Natives  of the "Red Willow People" still live there, but mostly come for religious rituals. 

Of course the Spanish brought their religion when they came to this area. St. Geronimo Church was built around 1619.  There were clashes between the Spanish and the native population, and despite this about 3/4 of the population shares in Catholic practices.

The white cross of the church makes a bold statement against the blue sky.

The adobe buildings are built of earth, straw and water, mixed and poured into forms. 

At one time entry to homes was by ladder only, through openings in the roof. This allowed light in but also served to keep out intrudors.

The exteriors are plastered annually to keep them in good shape.

Doors are painted striking blue colours, that mirror the colour of the sky, and complement beautifully with the earth colour of the buildings.
This door, however, was painted white, and patterned with hand prints.

Dogs are numerous and seem to be happy and well-fed, although their aloofness to strangers suggests they may not be pets.

The site of the old graveyard is located next to the village, but the newer graveyard is off-site.

Chile peppers drying in the sun are a common sight all over New Mexico.


  1. MORE fabulous pictures! You were very lucky to have time to visit Taos Pueblo. Aren't the colours stunning! I also loved the gentle organic shapes of the adobe buildings. Looks like they grew out of the ground, so natural and so non- intrusive.

    1. Yes Carolynn, I was very lucky to have time to do some touring. A huge draw to attend this conference was seeing Santa Fe in more detail. It certainly did not disappoint!

  2. Great photos, Elaine! I enjoyed seeing you in Santa Fe, and glad you got to see more places (like Taos) while you were in New Mexico. This was my first trip, and now I understand why I have heard such recommendations from my friends about the beauty and art there. I'm such a sea level creature that I struggled with the altitude but managed to visit the SAQA exhibit twice.

    1. It was great to spend time with you in Santa Fe Martha! I was expecting to have some effect from the high altitude, but did not notice any averse reactions.


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