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Friday, May 31, 2013

Today at the Quilt en Sud Patchwork and Textile Art Biennial

Today we spent a few hours visiting other exhibits at the Quilt en Sud Festival. What I find remarkable about this festival is that cutting edge textile art is exhibited alongside traditional patchwork. There is something for everyone! I have been very inspired by several artists, and I will be posting some of their work in the next few days when I get my photos sorted out. 

Today I am sharing photos from the time I spent meeting visitors to my own exhibit. 

Here you can see the "Maison l'Infant" from across the water.

My exhibition is just behind these windows.

This is the entry door to the grand old building.

Here I am with my French travel dictionary, trying to communicate with locals. However, I should have had a Spanish dictionary as well. There are many visitors from Spain.

The crowds were steady, the feedback positive, and I have completely ran out of business cards (even though I brought a lot of them) after only two days.

Several bus tours came through the show.

My work was closely examined.

This is one of the cutest visitors. Europe has got it right! Dogs are allowed everywhere, including restaurants and gallery shows. 

Tomorrow I am spending the day teaching my second class. Stay tuned for blog posts that share some of the wonderful textile art I've seen here.


  1. Looks great Elaine! Have a glass of wine for me.
    Carol Darby :-)

  2. Thanks Elaine for sharing your travels and experiences. I cannot wait until summer when I head for Europe. You'll have to find a print shop to print more cards! :)

  3. This looks wonderful, Elaine. What a marvellous turnout! Too bad you have run out of business cards:-( enjoy your next class and your holiday! It has been a very short week.

    1. Thanks Carolynn ... some folks photographed the two remaining business cards I found!

  4. I can't wait for some summer either heather... It is cool and wet here. Unfortunately I do not have access to my file from here so cannot print more business cards.

  5. How exciting. Your pieces look wonderful hanging in the exhibit and wonderful that there was such a good turnout. Even the dogs have good taste! Have a wonderful time.

  6. Your quilts look wonderful and what a beautiful place to hang them. I'm not surprised that you have had such a great turn out. Even the dogs have good taste! Hope you have a wonderful time teaching, quilting and taking inspiring photos.

  7. It was great to admire your works Elaine!
    Katell, France-Patchwork 31

    1. Thank you so much for your interest in my work Katell. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you.

  8. Wow, to have bus loads of people coming to see your work must be so exciting and gratifying! Congratulations on the show and it's success!


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