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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Grand National and a Grand Day

Today my sister and I headed over to Homer Watson Gallery to check out the Grand National Quilt Show. This year's show features a selection of quilts from across the country, interpreting the theme of "Local Colour". You can view the award winners on the Grand National website, and all the works will be posted to the website down the road. Two of my pieces are in the show (Red Stool and Invitation).

Homer Watson Gallery is a historic house, where Canadian artist Homer Watson once lived. The house is situated in a lovely wooded area on the outskirts of Kitchener, Ontario.
It is always a pleasure to enjoy the property after or before viewing the show.
On this glorious May day the lilacs are in full bloom. 
I was surprised to learn that we were permitted to take photos. I am going to share my favorite pieces.
Red Iris, by Carolynn McMillan. The backlit section is superb! Asection of this piece was featured on the show postcard.
I found myself drawn to Kit Vincent's abstract interpretation of life along the St. Lawrence River ("Big River Series: Last Light"). I think it is fair to say that at this stage I am most drawn to elegant simplicity.
Anna Hergert's Joie de Vivre, was well ... a joy to behold.
Tracy Lawko's "Daybreak". Heavily thread painted. Simple elegance.
I had a limited amount of time at the show, and did not realize when I took this picture, that Pat Herzberg's "Local Colour, Don Cherry" was really about hockey celebrity, Don Cherry. A celebrity that I find rather offensive myself (outspoken, arrogant and garish), but since the quilt does not remind me of Don Cherry, I still like it. Hard to get a photo as the light was shining from behind. It was hung that way because it is made predominantly of sheers.
Visiting my father today, I found lots of hosta plants unfurling around his residence. Love this composition of spiralling hosta plants.
 More spirals.
I guess I am still attracted to hosta leaves. Never more so than when they are unfurling. Maybe I'm not finished with green yet!
I am hanging out with family for a few days, on my way to my teaching gigs in Southwestern Ontario. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful long weekend!


  1. Caroline is a cyber-buddy of mine, and I agree about "Red Iris". You should see the peony on which she's working now!! And Elaine, I can see more hosta pieces in your future, eh? ;-)

  2. Gosh, Elaine! Thanks so much for your very kind words. I really appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed the show. LOVE your glorious little hostas too

  3. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.


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