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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Couple of Days on a Basque Farm

During our last two days in France we had the pleasure of staying at Ttakoinenborda, a real Basque farm. Our entire 2-1/2 weeks in France were spent in the Basque regions of France and Spain. Just who are the Basque people? No one really knows where the Basque people originated, but they are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Europe and lived fairly isolated in the Pyrenees until the French Revolution. Here in Canada there are many people of Basque origin living in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Alain and Marie run a beautiful bed and breakfast on a small farm, raising their own chickens and sheep. The farm house dates to 1680 and is filled with their grandfather's paintings.

We happened to have nice weather on our last two days, and so we ate breakfast along with the other guests at a large table under a canopy in the backyard. 

What an idyllic place to stay! Look how green it is ... and so quiet! The most noise you hear is the beautiful birdsong that you wake to each morning. The air is sweet with the smell of spring.

Sheep come to befriend you.

A funny looking rooster with a lot of attitude struts his stuff. He sure sounds better than the rooster alarm on my cell phone!

He's in charge of a large harem of hens.

A small river runs along the property, with a lovely little bridge.

Peanuts, their 15 year old cat, comes to greet you.

I hope this blog post makes you feel as relaxed as I did while staying at this bucolic location far off the beaten path.

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