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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dye Another Day

Saturday was a stellar day here weatherwise, which worked out perfectly for my outdoor dyeing class at the Country Quilter in Richmond, Ontario. This class is called "Dye Another Day", and follows my introductory class. I share several methods I use for my multi-coloured fabrics as well as my approach to blending multiple colours on one fabric. Students also have a chance to dye some silk-rayon velvet, dupioni silk, silk organza and cheesecloth.

The ladies who came out really seemed to enjoy playing with colour and some left with coloured faces and arms!

I was the one who dumped an entire cup of scarlett red dye on the ground, making things look a bit like a crime scene. I blame it on the jet lag. I'm still not quite straightened out today.

Barb always adds an element of fun to every class with her sense of humour. Here she is clutching her containers of white fabric and wearing her particulate mask on top of her head.

Last night I gave a lecture called "Lessons Learned Along the Way (Mostly About Composition and Design)" to the Out of the Box Fibre Artists Group here in Ottawa. I am preparing a digital presentation on composition and design for my Art Quilt class in Haliburton, and last night gave me a chance to try out the lecture on another group. I still have a bit of work to do to flesh things out before my class.

Tonight I will be enjoying a glass of sangria on the patio. I haven't sat on my patio in ages. I am on vacation from teaching now until July 23. Lots of prep yes, but I'll be on my own time. Next week I am even taking a class!  More on that later. This week I'll also be finishing my blog posts about France.


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