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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some Favorite Sites in France

This week I intend to finish blogging about our recent trip to France. This post contains some of my favorite pictures from a variety of locations, mostly small villages in the Atlantic-Pyrenees region of France.

I think the photo below is a classic for Europe! It is common practice to bring dogs everywhere, including to restaurants. North Americans would freak, but I think this really adds to the ambiance, allows dog-owners more freedom, and helps socialize dogs better. All of these dogs were a lot more well behaved than many children I've seen in restaurants. This photo was taken at a restaurant in St. Jean de Luz, during the Quilt en Sud Textile Art and Patchwork Biennial. This is a small and beautiful coastal coastal city where many Europeans come to surf and spend time on the beach.

The village of Irouleguy has some beautiful weathered medieval buildings. 

It also happens to be a wine-growing region.

The village of Sare has, to me, one of the most beautiful churches I saw on my trip.

All around the region you are surrounded by the Pyrenees Mountains. One day we took a train to the top, and here is the beautiful vista we experienced.

What an enchanting town Sauveterre de Bearn is, with a castle, a cathedral and "the bridge of legends". The legend is that a young woman had a stillborn child.  She was accused of killing her child, and was put through a pretty grueling test to prove her innocence. Her hands and feet were bound and she was thrown in the river. Legend has it that she survived the ordeal, thus proving her innocence! 

There was actually a quilt inspired by the Bridge of Legends at Quilt en Sud. It is created by artist Marcelle Orban. 

The Castle.

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