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Monday, June 3, 2013

End of the Show, and Textile Art of Francoise Christien

Yesterday I spent a few hours meeting visitors at my exhibition. Several of the other exhibiting artists came by to visit. I had the pleasure of meeting Cecilia Gonzalez, the other half of the two-sister team of Desedamas, whose wonderful work I shared in my last post two days ago.

Below, front left, is French textile artist Francoise Christien, whose work I am going to share here today. Behind her is artist Patricyan, to her right is a friend of Cecilia's, then me, and on right another friend of Cecilia's.

We took my show down tonight, and headed out on a bit of vacation in the beautiful French countryside today.

Now, on to Francoise's amazing felted art:


Isn't this stunning?

There will be a few more blog posts of inspiring work I saw at the Quilt en Sud Textile Art and Patchwork Biennial.


  1. Dear Elaine,

    I’ve been living vicariously through you these last few days. How I wish I was there too!

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Glad you are enjoying Josée. Would you like to live vicariously through my 5 lb weight gain?

  2. You must be having a marvelous time! And I'm sure you are giving the viewers of the exhibit a treat. Enjoy all that French cooking and the beautiful scenes. I know your kitties will be glad to have you back.

    1. Ah yes, the French cooking Martha. Creme caramel for breakfast!!


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