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Friday, June 7, 2013

Quilts and Textile Art from "Les Pays de l'Adour"

I'm relaxing for a little bit on our adventures in France to share a few more photos from last weeks Quilt en Sud Festival. These are from the judged show called "Les Pays de l'Adour", which translates to "Region of the Adour (River)", a river that runs through the Southwestern part of France.

This piece called "Abyssal" by Muriel Cauhape caught my eye because of its use of sheers and interesting textures. I guess you could say I am facinated by sheers right now, and hopefully this will lead up to me using some of my own hand-dyed silk organza. Several times while viewing this show I was drawn to pieces made by this artist, and have found her website here.

Here is a detail shot.

I really enjoyed the many shades of white in these three pieces by Joelle Fanlo. I think what made them so charming to me is the way she combined them (either mounted on or hung from) weathered wood.  The textures in them are divine.


Detail shot:


"Brilliances at Transparences"

Another piece by Muriel Cauhape, called "Agate", that is actually created around a real slice of agate stone.

Detail view:

I found this piece "Entre Deux Eaux" by Fanny Douvier eye-catching and calming at the same time.

"D'Inde et d'ailleurs" by Bernadette Larroque uses tiny log cabin units and fabrics reminiscent of India.

"De Terre et D'eau", also by Muriel Cauhape

This piece is by Danielle Levien, one of the members of the Quilt en Sud team (the group that puts on the show). Works by members can be included in the show, but cannot be considered for prizes.

A couple of more traditional quilts that caught my eye. This one is called "Flammes" by Martine Lannux. I think this block is called "Ocean Waves".

A log cabin by Josette Puissant, one of my favorite traditional designs. What makes this piece special is that it is entirely hand quilted.

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